Imagine Having Devine Guidance Lead You Inside of Life's Toughest Decisions....

To be professionally coached is extremely helpful as many would tell you from their own accounts.  However, when we allow ourselves to be lead with devine interventions & interpretations intuitively we allow something more powerful to take place on our life path.  This leads to fewer errors and suffrage and more success and sweeter victories.   Intuitive spiritual life coaching not only guides you  but also prompts you to heal, encourages you to step into your undeveloped powers, helps you recognize hidden talents and empowers you to overcome your habits that stall your infinite possibilities forgotten about along the life journey.   But this us by far not the only great benefit of joining my signature S.O.L. Alchemy Program.  Inside of the one on one coaching package you will have access to healing therapies like EFT, Reiki, Light Therapy and even hypnotherapy to assist you as you grow but overall these therapeutic sessions and processes propel you into a level of soul liberation and provides you the opportunity to overcome the things the have prohibited you from experiencing the life you deserved all this time.

The H.A.L.O. Techinique is a powerful mix of spiritual and metaphysical scientific processes combined to aid your healing and kickstart your growth into Greatness.  You see we have religiously associated the halo to saints, sacred messengers and “choosen ones” but the truth is this…. the light we see depicted is in actuality the natural light of a soul liberated.  We are all devine beings and not in a sense of church but by the soul because we are made in the likeness of source creator.  We are vibrational energies and frequencies but along the way of lifes traumas, sufferages and dilemmas we have clouded our bright energy and the true reality of what we really are here to become.  This technique and process I guide you thorugh is an alchemy of many various parts to realign you to your devine light and path and puts you into a more awakened enlightened state of your souls truth and hence at the end of this program you shine in all the ways you were intended.




The very first step in the process is to schedule a free 15 minute consultation call.  In this call we will vibe and discuss the needs you seek and I will intuitively tap into discovering what is the best route for you to achieve those end results you desire.


Once we have began our journey toward your new life, we will map out the alchemical mix of services you will need, build a bond to grow our trust levels and start imparting your healing modalities roadmap as soon as possible.


This journey will be a lot about self discover as well as healing and doing what we call “the work”. Inside this process you will begin to shine exuberantly and thrive in ways you forgot that you could because of the weight you once carried and have now finally shed.



I cannot say enough wonderful things about Khepra and her therapy services! If I’m being honest, I was, let’s say, cautiously optimistic, about her services at first. But after 4 sessions, not only am I feeling more empowered, my partner has said I feel noticeably lighter. I’m so grateful that I met Khepra and used her services!!



Khepra came into my life during my postpartum journey. I had a really difficult pregnancy and really needed someone to help me get back to feeling my best self again. She was truly a godsend. I connected with her immediately just over the phone and when we met I knew she was who I wanted to work with. Khepra is very intuitive. Her energy was warm, kind and inviting. She was easy to talk to and it felt like I had known her for forever. Every week was different during my spiritual journey of getting back to feeling my best again and finding my purpose but she still made sure we were moving along the right path, a path that was consistent with what I needed during that time. After every session I instantly felt lighter and was ready to conquer the world. I can’t thank her enough for everything she has done for me. I continue to use the tools she has provided for me and I highly recommend Khepra and any of her services!



Khepra was suggested to me by a friend. It took over a year for me to reach out. Im incredibly grateful that I finally did. I have been blown away by her support and her guidance. She has helped me to tap into a powerful inner resource. Because of the work I’ve done with her I’ve experienced an incredible awakening and have been able to create lasting change in my life.



There came a point in my life where I realized I lost myself in being a wife, a career woman, a mother, a daughter, a sister, etc. and I found myself in a dark place. I am no longer in that place thanks to Kephra El. Her Sol Alchemy program provided me with the tools and resources to tap into your inner self and knowing, inspiring ME to awaken the goddess within. She is very passionate, authentic, and talented in her spiritual coaching role and I absolutely recommend her Sol Alchemy program to all who are in need of life changing transformation. I have evolved SO much in the past three months since I’ve been in the program and am so grateful to her for this experience. 




There may be many questions swirling in your head but i am positive there is an answer.  I welcome your questions and inquiries inside of our consultation call.  I look forward to watching you evolve and seeing you recapture your natural shine once again.