There was a time for me on this journey when I ached to understand myself and discovering myself was something I had not a clue of how to do.  I had only wished I had a place to go and connect with other like minds, ask deep questions and be able to find some real solid answers to.  But Back when I started,  there wasn’t much and what I did find was not quenching my souls thirst.

My personal journey required me to embrace my passion, my purpose and my calling and stop running from them out of fear. I had to dig deep within and face all parts of myself and took a deep dive intoForgiveness, gratitude, love and hi levels of joy to help me truly reach my highest potential.  

To backup the journey, I took up countless healing modalities and certifications to learn how to heal myself on all levels then gracefully stepped into intuiitve spiritual life coaching to help others in the manner and the path I had found that worked.  In 2015, I finalized it all by becoming a doctor of Divinity and soon after a doctor of Metaphysics to assist my reach into my clients truest needs.  

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There is nothing more invigorating than a soul awakened, aligned and eager to bloom into its fullest potential. 

I can’t wait to see the greatness in you shine through beloved..